Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My children (not kids, because kids are baby goats) love pc, consoles games. My second oldest will watch videos on youtube to learn how to play any games. And most people who record and upload these videos online uses a lot of sentence enhancements (swear words). I have listen (more like over heard) to one of these boys (I call them boys because I know I am way older than them) talk and he will never finish a sentence without 2 or 3 bad words in 1 sentence.

Freedom of speech, sure. However, I find it uneducated and trashy. Yes, my very own opinion. Furthermore, since we do not have cable TV, my children pick-up these kind of speaking and I always caught them using it when they are alone and playing the same games. I know I cannot protect them from every thing, at least every time they use the words DH and I will always be here to scold them about it.

Our second child find it funny, "he said." People are by far more superior than anything in this world. Why does some lower their value in a way they will look or sound trashy? Yes, it is entertaining, and it separate you from important things in this world that need noticing. Like for example our government.

When you buried yourself into nonsense entertainment, on the top of who married whom, who got divorce, and whose doing whom in hollywood, that's when the government sneak in and take all your freedom, and on top of it all, you will pay them to do it. What you mean pay them? All those taxes they put out there about anything and everything. Soon, we will pay them taxes just to breath. Just wait and see.

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