Monday, August 31, 2009

Lunette Menstrual Cup Update

I have checked my traffic on this blog over the weekend and found out that the most search post is about the menstrual cup. So, I am updating my post about it and to tell you about my three months experience using it.

I am updating my very first review written in May, The Lunette Cup. I have been using it since then and I don't have real complain. It's been three months and I can say that I'm getting use to it and getting better at it.

The only complain I have is sometimes I can't put it right because I was in the hurry. It works for me when I have to relax first before inserting it. And it never fails when I'm in the hurry it never stay in place. At one point I was so happy because I could not feel it. However, as soon as I stand up from sitting it happened. I went to the bathroom to check and sure enough it was put wrong. It did not opened after I let it go.

So, make sure you can hear some kind of pop after inserting it and push it backwards while pushing up. So far that works for me and I can never feel it surfacing when I'm walking or sitting down. I know it so easy to say to re-doing the whole process again but not all of us stays home all day like myself.

The only suggestion I can give you is relax and if you can feel the cup, you did not insert it the correct way. And make sure you take your time, doing it fast and hurrying will end you up frustrated.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mineral Makeup

Mineral MakeupThis my second brand I choose to use. The first one is called Sheer mineral, and they are very noticeable on me. And I saw the commercial on TV for bare minerals and a lot of moms on baby center swears they love it. So, I have been using this makeup for five years now.

Yes they are pricey, but I'm the type of person that is willing to pay for a good products. One set of this foundation last me more than a year. I think I will try the raw mineral next, because I know that un-cook anything is supposed to be good for human. Maybe I will find something that is raw and organic mineral makeup.

I know they are out there, and I just need the time to research which one is better. I wish I can just buy these mineral rocks and make one for myself and for personal use.

This makeup is very light in my face. You will not see where the make-up stops when you put it the correct. I love the the warmth face color 36077, I can match my skin color when I am tan in the summer. I also use a set of spring eye collection from bare escentuals (no, that is not a typo, that is how they call it). The above image is not what I got when I first started with them. I wish that is what I got, because they offer extra powder and two extra brushes with this. Mine came with 4 powders and 3 brushes.

If you are looking for makeup with no build up, try mineral makeup. They are minerals and they sure are best for our skin. I forget to mention that yes, they do rub off. I recommend to get dress before putting them on.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cyber Charter School

This is our second year in cyber charter school. I know there are not much people like me around the world however, I know there are a few out there who are not happy about their public school. The socialize own by the government public school. Or the ever expensive private school that does not meet your expectation either.

Cyber SchoolCyber Charter School are also run under the Department of Education and also by the government the only difference is the teachers are not union, you can control what your kids will learn (it does not matter what it says in the lesson plan, if you don't agree with it just tell the school that you don't like it and you don't believe on it, and you don't have to teach your kids about it). You also supply anything that you want your kids to learn just like the traditional home school.
Cyber SchoolOne of my kids school is under investigation right now because the founder and the Board of Trustees are not complying according to the Department of Education guidelines and spending way more money than needed too. They can't supply the paper works that goes along with the spending and maybe close by the end of 2009-2010 school year. So, if you are thinking about going with Agora (PA) for the first time, you may want to re-think about it.

Cyber SchoolIf you are fond of K12 curriculum, PA Virtual Charter School (PAVCS) and Central PA Digital Learning Foundation (CPDLF up to 6th grade) offers it also. Right now my other two are enrolled with Commonwealth Connection Academy (CCA is nationwide) and Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS). There many around just like 21st Century Cyber Charter School (they have a very good review), Pa Distance Learning Charter School, PA Cyber Charter School, and I know there are a lot more. K12 also offers a private cyber school all over the world if you live anywhere in the world with internet connection.

Cyber SchoolMost parents are worry about the socialization aspect of cyber schooling and home schooling. I am not a bit worry about it. To tell you the truth, socialization is over rated these days. And what are the kids learn about socializing these days? What to wear, who to date, cares too much what other people are doing, not doing, who are they dating, what brand name they are using, who are their favorite celebrities, singers, oh my there are so much to lists here. As long as my children know how to be around other people and what to is the correct way to talk to them I am fine with now socialization.

Cyber SchoolSome parents also wants their me time and do whatever they want when the kids are in school. I'm sorry but they should not have kids to begin with in my opinion. Some just works and works and giving the government and other people the responsibility to their kids. And guess what, a lot of them will complain if their kids can't go to school on a certain days because of school closings because of mother natures doing. "I need to go to work who will watch my kids?". They rather pay someone else too to care for their own children. What happened to peoples mentality these days? They send them to day care when they are born, then when you get old, your kids send you to another day care or senior home.

Cyber SchoolThis is the problem in our society, not enough people caring for their own family. They rather work, work, and work and spend more and work more. I don't get it.Anyway, if you want to teach your own children at home try Cyber Charter School, this is free. And if you have money to spend try the traditional home school.

Cyber SchoolWhen you go with Cyber School make sure that you get a copy of school handbook and the meetings are publicly announce and given parents enough time to know about it. Ask how their school works, how can the students communicate with their online teachers, ask for phone numbers and email addresses for anyone you need to contact and make sure those email addresses are with the school address, example "", if they have other email like hotmail or yahoo you should question them. Always ask questions if you don't know anything or what they are saying does not make sense.

Oh yeah I forgot to add... when you buy all the hardware for your child to use, you can deduct what ever you spent on materials and hardware (this is only for cyber charter school). I wish the traditional home school is the same. Why they are not the same? Because Cyber school is just like public school and regulated. The tradional home school is not regulated.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dazey 3 in 1 Waffle Maker Grill

I got this as a gift when I arrived for the first time in the US. I used it a lot to make a dough with sausage inside. Just like pigs in a blanket but never used it to make waffle then. My kids started to like waffles that are store bought at the present and I decided to make it at home. And I started using this waffle maker. I even posted the an images in my cooking blog and some commented under anonymous name that they look horrible and it was the worst waffle he/she ever lay her/his eyes on.

Vintage Waffle MakerWell needless to say that, it it the only one I have for almost 18 years (vintage) and I am looking to buy a new nice one just like a belgian waffle maker. Anyway, the first few times I made waffles it was easy to removed. The longer I use it, it was getting harder and harder to removed the waflles even when I put oil or butter in them. And you can see what happens to the waffles I made today. It looks very cheap (but since this one was given to me I can't really complain much) and it works really chep too.

I saw one they are selling on Ebay for $10.00. Mine will go straight to the garbage today. I am feed up with this cheap item and even made me feel bad because someone left me a message saying the worst thing possible. I better head to K-mart and get me one of the belgian waffle maker.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Copper Bottom Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

We been using this pots and pans for 5 years now. At first we were looking to buy just plain copper pots and pans but we can't afford the prices. Just one pots is half of the price for the whole set of what we bought. Don't get me wrong we like to be healthy but we draw a line somewhere. Maybe we can own just one copper pots. However, I came across some study that what we have is still not good. And even the iron pan is not fine either because man don't get a monthly period to get rid of the iron deposit and too much of it is bad. Now I heard that clay cooking wear is way better than all the items I mentioned above.

Copper bottom stainless steel pots & pans
Before aluminum hits Philippines my parents used clay pots. Then aluminum came and they switched and still use them until now. I don't need to educate you about aluminum. I will probably get Alzheimer because of it.

Silver is good too in moderation.

Lets get back to my pots and pans. I like using it because it holds the heat once they are heated. When I cook vegetables I bring it to almost boiling then I turn the burner off and keep the lid on. They always comes out just right with a little crunch in them. Cleaning it after cooking something greasy is tough. Sometimes I had to boil water on it to get rid of it. Sometimes just soaking in soapy warm water will do it and steel wool helps too. However, it came with caution not to use steel wool. It says that it will scratch the surface when using it, but I still do because I want a clean pots and pans.

The set that we bought did not come with 12 inch pan. I had to buy it separate from Emeril L. collection. He was the only one who has the biggest pan five year ago. I am very happy with the set and for $200.00 I think it's it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Top EC Droppers

Thank you so much for my Top EC droppers. Ungkutan's blog will be feature for a month for first place dropping 31 times in July.

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