Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cascade Dish Detergent

Let me start by saying this is the only dishwasher detergent I have used since I started using dishwasher to wash dishes, glasses, and pots & pans. Let me clarify also that if I load my dishwasher the way they are showing it on TV, my dishes will never be clean.

I did not have any problem with this detergent until recently. They change the packaging color to lighter green almost like yellow green. My dishes always have the white dusty stuff on it. I also notice that they have fewer blue grains in them. I have to rinse my dishes with vinegar just to get the same clear and shiny look the dishes used to get before the change.

Cascade Dish DetergentI couldn't take it anymore, and today I bought the gel kind. I don't like it because it smells like bleach. I don't want bleach with my dishes. I might have to go back washing by hands. I still have to add a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle just to make sure no bleach or white dust in my dishes. This is very annoying.

The box (powder) in the picture is not open yet, because I went to BJ's after I bought the other box. And since I was there, I grabbed everything as a back up. Now, I don't think I can use them again. I have to try another brand (powder) to see how they work. Other scenario is my dishwasher is breaking, well, I hope not because that thing is not very old. It's only been a year and 3 months when we bought it.

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