Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yes, the United States Postal Service got DH pretty piss today. He is waiting for a package to arrived today and nothing came. He said it left Harrisburg last night around 11pm. So, he was expecting the package to be here in our house today.

I did not say anything because anything that is run by our government seems does not move really fast. He should know about it because he was born here and he knows how the system works. They move like a hundred year old turtle and I am pretty sure they are getting paid more than $20 a hour.

DH argument was Harrisburg is 8 hours away give or take from us. And the package should be in our post after 12 hours the most. I guess they must stop in every post office and collect mail all the way Take 30 minutes break within four hours of working and 2 hours lunch break. And guess what, this job is hard to land on. If you don't know anyone who works there you will never get a job there. The older people who works there who are retiring just pass their position to their kids and relatives.

Am I on the spot or what?

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  1. that is so sad to read. i think with every government post service is the same. we just have to live with it or stress ourselves by arguing with their employees. hope you get your package soon! xoxo


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