Saturday, April 10, 2010

Addicting Game

I opened an account with FB two weeks ago, and I am hooked. I add all the people requesting to be added, well, most of the female that is. No, I don't have anything against the opposite sex but my DH does. Whomever, male I added it was a mistake, I wasn't looking at their information before accepting it. Anyway, most of my friends had farmville and I am frequently there just to farm. I know, pathetic isn't it?

Here come the I hate it when I can't fertilize my own farm, adopt my find farm animals, hatching my own eggs, and not allowing me to make my farm bigger without a certain amount of neighbor. And yet, I am still there level 28 and I have the biggest lot of 24x24 as soon as I reach the coin amount.

I found plenty of people selling books on how to get the best of farmville. How to earn coins, FV cash and to level up faster. Do I really need to buy such a book? I think not, I am doing this for fun, and I like looking at designs people come up with. A brain washing game, that teaches people that they need someone to fertilize their own farm and feed their chickens. When you find a wandering animal that you should give it away. You can't care for your own foals, calves, and eggs. That I can't buy the biggest land, unless I have 30 neighbors.

Anything else I forgot? Maybe, but right now I can't think of anything.


  1. I want to add one more thing, and this is completely my view. After reaching level 30+, I just lost the interest...and had the feeling that ploughing and harvesting required too many clicks. Farm Town had the feature of hiring other farmers to plough and harvest, but Farmville doesn't have anything of that sort.

  2. I totally agree, I also forgot that my DH says, "can you to war with your neighbors and take their farm?", because this game is brainwashing everyone. Tell them that you want their farm, just like the government of certain country, (meaning US)


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