Saturday, August 21, 2010

Frontierville Review

I don't really remember how long I was playing this game in facebook. However, I am sure, I joined this game very early on when they were first available to facebook users. It was interesting in the beginning. I like the part when the character gets married and have A kid. Not really sure why they only allow one kid per family. Are they basing this in today's reality?

I started not liking it when they want you to pay the town a large amount of coin. First, I am the settler who claimed the land. Now, someone came in and asked me to pay them? It looks more like our own government, in my opinion. We made them and they took it over and does not listen to the maker or owners anymore. Lands are supposed to be free in the early years, and once you claim it, it's yours. You don't need to pay anyone to keep it.

Moreover, the Inn, chicken coop, and saw mill are too hard to complete the collections. Most of my neighbors haven't gotten the pillow from the Inn. Right now I needed to complete the goal for three coffee cups. One of my neighbors is nice enough to give me some spotted eggs to complete my collection.

The pointer is very hard to control, and sticks too easy on something I don't want to click. And what is the deal with "losing internet connection and needed to refresh" thing. I have lost so much energy doing it, not to mention everything was back to where I started and missing coins and energy when it refreshes.

You can't cut trees without bear using all of your energy trying to scare it away. You can't harvest crops without groundhog doing the same thing, and you can't feed a chicken or goose without fox taking 5 energy out of you. I really don't mind if these wild animals landed on the things I don't need to touch. But it never happens, when you try finishing what you are doing, it takes 2 energy. You might as well scare or kill the damn thing to continue.

You are lucky if your neighbors like to gift, if not you need to buy the materials on your own. Same with farmville, you cannot buy certain items if you don't have enough neighbors. This is another facebook game wasting people time online. Yes, and I am one of them.

Any who, time for me to quit both games because I will start teaching my children again in a week.


  1. I totally agree! I started playing it because some friends asked me to be their neighbor, but I am also frustrated with running out of energy so quickly and the game constantly refreshing. I have also stopped playing it.

  2. I enjoy this game as well as many others on Facebook. One thing about Frontierville that drives me up a wall is the trees always growing back. I can't keep up with it!


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