Tuesday, November 23, 2010

K12 Mark12 III Reading

My second oldest son have had problem with talking and now reading. He was a late talker and DH and I weren't worried about it at all. Well, if you ask the so called expert, they would say differently.

MARK IIICan someone tell me the correct way to spell "video?"

Anyhow, we been using K12 as most of my reader know (if any...lol) for 3 years now. Most local school district will say that they set their expectation too high, because the lessons are higher than the local public schools. My son above did not passed the state PSSA (DH and I are not worried, we hate the state testings of any kind) and the school put him with Mark III reading (adaptive remediation) for those who got problem with comprehension and grade level behind (in their opinion).

The program is very nice, because he does not need to read much. Everything is recorded and all he have to do is listen. Well, the activities are also computerize and who ever puts the correct answers on those activities are 1) sleeping, 2) does not know how to spell.


How about "pennies?"

He is already behind with the lesson because he needed to be tested and it takes a while to get some one to do the testing. Then he still need to wait to get the result, then another wait for the materials. But since this is free curriculum I don't have any choice but to wait.

However, getting the answers wrong for a very simple words because someone put the wrong answers on the lessons is simply prostrating. How do they expect a grade level behind student to get ahead with all of these technical issues? I will give the not reading part 10, but the missing recordings, videos, tiles, windows, wrong spellings...let's say the 10 turned to nothing...nada, zilts, zero. I don't like this program one bit.


And "copies?"

In conclusion, I rather educate my child in a regular grade level Language Arts in a slower phase than this crap. Mind you the school is getting extra money for each child with disability, and this is the crap they gave my son. Just because someone need to earn a six figure salary a year.

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