Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally Light @ the End of the Tunnel

With a lot of complaining about the course that my son is taking, I finally got through someone and my son will not continue with the MARK12 Volume III anymore. What a sign of relief!

No more missed spellings, and trying to guess the correct answers, that the computer say correct. He can finally do lessons that is for his age. I don't mind if he is slow in grasping the concept, we can work on that. Not like working on lessons that there is no fixed but fail.

Maybe we should have spelled "pennies" as "pennys" or "penies," yeah, will be working on that one all day to guess which one is correct.

Let me tell you the wrong answers with the lesson 8 for contraction words. It made the spelling of pennies nothing. The contraction of the words "did not" is not "didn't," ok, in what world? Yes, in MARK12 world. Department of Education what are you thinking?

I don't know what they are thinking when they made this course. Maybe to make the student dummer, in my opinion. Did I say it enough, I hated this curriculum, hated it so much. If it works for you, well, that's good. However, not for us. THey need to pay me to use this one.

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