Sunday, September 6, 2009

EC Widget

My EC widget can be found lower in my left side bar now. I will drop to those who drop on here and will stop approving ads altogether. If anyone know how to disable the ad part please let me know. I know joining the community is free but taking advantage of hard dropping people by taking away portion of the ad price I think is wrong.


  1. Hmm,

    as one of the TOP 30 Popular blogs i also lost up to 70% of my previous Ad price of 1.536 EC... at the moment my ad is valued with 512 EC :(

    But at the moment all prices go down, so i think it's ok if our price also drops.

    If you disable the ads... you won't get daily anymore credits for them (25% of the ad price).

  2. In your dashboard, just go to advert settings and uncheck "allow users to apply for advertising".
    But it seems silly to stop all advertising while still having a widget.

  3. The reason I'm stopping the ads because I don't think its fair for everyone. We spent too much time dropping ang earning these credits and we only get a portion for the price bought from us. Not me personally but how about those prices that are 1000 ec and more.

    EC gets 75% of what we pay, the advertisers only gets 25%. We can't even sell our EC credits and the collected EC credit are sold for higher price. Like I said I am not complaining about my price, I just don't like to earn credit and when I use them the blogs I bought ads from don't get the whole amount I paid for the ads in thier blog.

    Just like our government. You work hard on your job and all they do is tax the hard working people. I hate robbers and I will not work hard so that they can collect the percentage of what I earn.

    I will still drop to earn credits, but I will keeping everything I earn or give it away in some kind of contest that I will gain something from. At least with the contest I am willing to give it up. They are not rob from me.


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