Monday, October 19, 2009

Cyber Charter School (Part 2)

After doing a month on another cyber school other than K12 curriculum, we are definitely sold to K12. The materials are nothing compares to other. Harcourt is a little hard to follow and they are every where. They are not as organize as K12, that all we have to do is click on the link and we are there & no password to put in. Everything is lay out nicely and easy for students and parents to use.

All Math manipulative and Science materials (e.g. cylinder, iron, rocks, balance, thermometer etc.) are provided. My kids loves the Math manipulative like the connecting cubes, counting chips, wood geometrical objects. My Kindergartner was given a cardboard (Calvert) that we need to fold to these shapes. He belong in another cyber school. How cheap they can get and I am pretty sure each cyber school gets the same amount of funding.

We will enroll all of them under K12 curriculum next year. I am familiar with them and I can really say that if you are planning on teaching your children at home under cyber school this is the one. Especially if you are like me, who never done a traditional home schooling before.

Not only they are easy to follow, their customer service is amazing. You can call them 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Yes, you can speak to real live person about any questions you have. They offer their curriculum world wide with your expense of course.

I wanted to have a feel how other cyber school works and now I know. Nothing can beat K12 in my opinion. Other cyber school may have colorful text books but that's all it is.

I believe K12 have schools in every states. Other only have certain grades like Georgia. I think K12 only offered K-8 there from what I saw in their site. We are still trying to move down there and hopefully when we do, they have up to 12 grade added to it.

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