Thursday, October 29, 2009


Let me start by saying that I am not very proud using such shampoo filled with harsh chemical that will eventually ruin my hair. This is the only shampoo that I can find in my local grocery store that works with my hair. I used to buy some from a salon but those days are long gone and I rather spend the cash on something else.

It made my hair manageable and shiny. I wish I can the $1.00 once with fruits aroma but those makes my hair feel hard and my scalps very dry and itchy. Even my sister likes them when she came to visit me and forgot her own shampoo.

PanteneI still remember growing up in the boonies, when we run out of shampoo we use the local lemon that was growing in the backyard. We cut them in half and squeeze them in water. Just like making lemonade but we never add sugar to it. The oil from the lemon makes our hair very shiny and manageable. We usually wash our hair with body soap, then after rinsing from it we rinse our hair with the lemon mix then rinse it with water. It does not happen much because my mom usually goes to town once a week.Plus, if we are not careful the lemon mix goes in our eyes and that is very painful. Ahh, those are the

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