Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MS Office not Genuine after 2.5 Years

DH and I both have a copy of this when we went to one of MS launching location when they first came out. Since I am the one who use it the most I put it in my computer and gave the other one to our relatives. I set-up the OutLook for my local internet carrier email when i first install it. After all these years they came up with an update through Service Pack 2, after I update to it this stupid pop-up window kept on appearing telling me that my copy is not genuine.

DH even take off work that day so that we can get a copy for free. Mind you he lost a day pay with the same price as the regular copy when you buy in any electronic stores. So, what exactly they added to Service Pack 2 to make it that my genuine copy all of a sudden not genuine? I am so pissed.

I just started using the calendar feature on OutLook for my kids school as a reminder/appointment book. With so much schedule to meet with their school my cellphone can't keep up because if I am on a call I can't see their schedule and sometimes I schedule their appointments on top of each other. I was also so glad that the calendar make a "ding" sound with the reminder.
MS Office 2007
My time is very valuable and I don't time to call MS to be mad at them. So, I found a solution online posted under Digital Life. I tried a few of the suggestions but the stupid OGAAddin.dll notification keeps coming back even if I deleted it from the list under COM Add-ins. I went to the registry editor instead and delete all of them.

It made me so mad, that I think yelling at customer tech at MS is not suffice. I have an original copy damn it, and I don't have time to play games with them. I'm much happier now that the notification does not pop-up and telling me that I have such and such day to get a genuine. Mind you we don't have a CD, I downloaded my copy from the download site when the Office 2007 first came out. I only have the key code for it.

I know there are plenty of illegal copy out there, but come on don't they have enough money in the world. They want more than they can live off during their lifetime. I should just leave PC and use another type of computer and stop supporting this large corporations but PC is idiot proof. Why use other machine that I don't even know how, it just like driving a manual car. Why stress myself learn how to drive it, if I can easily drive an automatic? I know the logic, but why?

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