Monday, November 2, 2009


At age 39 I had to drink one cup of coffee a day to keep up with my kids. If I don't I had to take a nap around 1pm to stay up until 10 in the evening. I have never drink coffee everyday and this year (2009) is the very first year I did this. When I was still working in the restaurant I only drink coffee when I don't have time to eat. I was much thinner then however, drinking coffee does not keep me up but as hunger suppressant. I don't have 15 minutes to spare to eat during busy hours and coffee is the fastest I could make. And I don't even know what kind of coffee we serve, there was no name brand, just grind coffee.
Folgers CoffeeI had a coffee maker at home but never used it until I met my now husband. He is a coffee addict, he stops in every Wawa on his way to his job when we met. We both enjoy the #5 and #7 from them now. However, we both like our coffee with sugar and cream. When we finally bought some coffee we settled with Folgers. We like the mild, classic roasted and I always stock up when they are on sale. We just love the way it smell the very first time we open one.

And guess what? They are having a writing contest that will end in November 20, 2009 and you better put your entry in. Make sure you read the rules before entering. And here is the entry form. All you have to do is tell them "what is the best part of waking up at home during the holiday". You could win a 7 day/6 night round trip home, lodging, car rental, $1,000 spending money, digital camera and Folgers gift basket. Ok. I'm off to try it out myself. Good luck to everyone.

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