Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Light Bulbs

Most of the light bulb in our house when we bought it was all incandescent. I think I remember changing them very often, especially in the winter because we use lights in the house a lot. I can't stand the gloomy days of winter and what better way to brighten my days but to turn the lights on.

Fluorescent was just picking up back then and we decided, even though it contains mercury that we will never buy another incandescent. And we have not, I love, love this lights, mostly the daylight bulbs. One of our light in the classroom is the daylight bulb, I tell you there is no dull moment in our classroom.

Fluorescent Light BulbThey are a little pricey than the regular ones, but I like it bright. I have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. We have a cheap chandelier in our dining room which takes special bulbs. I can never find anything nice enough and bright enough that goes there right now. I'm hoping maybe we can get some kind of LED bulbs for it.

Please do not tell me about taking care of my environment from mercury. There is a proper way of disposing this but if you tell me to pay to disposed it, you must crazy. Our next step is to use LED but we have not try any of them yet. Maybe we will look into it this winter, since DH will be home often and we have plenty of time to talk about this stuff.

Anyway, we have bigger/longer fluorescent bulbs down in our basement. It gets really sad down there when there is no sun out. I like the feeling of being outside under the clear sky. How about you? Have you switch to fluorescent lighting yet? DH tells me that they never get hot, not hot but warm enough that sometimes I can't touch them. Try it out, they last longer than the old incandescent however, we bought a few that did not last very long. But most of them last.

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  1. We were watching a replay of a Shop Talk episode on cable and they were discussing the proper lighting at home, and they also tackled light bulbs and efficiencies etc.



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