Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Children Shows

I was meant to post this a long time ago but I have other things to post which will not make my blood boil just writing it. Anyway, since we have 3 days off from my kids lessons this week I decided to do it today.

Mickey Mouse Club House is very popular. I do not watch that much TV shows and even if I watch something I can never finish watching it until the end. I was cooking something and I was able to see the TV in the kitchen. This is not actually the very first time it happens or the same episode was shown but this time it just click in my brain.

Big Pete the cat appeared from nowhere when Mickey Mouse and the other trying to go somewhere and telling them to pass they need to pay. I was like...wow! Who the hell is he to just tell everyone that they need to pay a tax just by passing certain path. The same thing when Figaro was hungry and they are trying to go to the lake and catch some fish. That is a very mess up show. They are starting little kids that it's ok to pay tax for things that is natural free.

I wish my TV will break and we will never buy a new one again. That is so cleaver the way they are brainwashing our kids. I know not every mother think like me, but hey I wanted to be free. I don't want to pay anything that is un-constitutional just because some said so that I have to do it. No way, common law here. If I think that is wrong, it is wrong.

Does any of your cable TV offer channels that are somewhat good for children? I could pick all the channels I wanted but that will cost me a lot. And no, lower channels is not appropriate for us either. They are just a bunch of money sucking corporation and do not care what show they broadcast. And don't even get me started with with the global warming show on discovery or history. They are just way off, and what did Al Gore said about himself? Yea, anyone who will buy that is an idiot and has no brain to think for themselves.

Ok, I'm done. Not really but this post is done.

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