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HP Photosmart E317

Product Reviews Von Mir
This is another free gift from Circuit City when we bought certain items two three years ago. My husband is the main user of this camera, he uses this for work. This is much better than my old PowerShotA20 2.1 megapixels. The E317 is 5.0 megapixels, it can take videos (320 x 240) pixel count at 24 frames per second. It came with 16 MB internal flash memory. And it support memory cards up to 1GB. Right now we are using 256 MB Impact memory card.

Very light camera.

Feature Description
Resolution Still pictures:
  • 5 MP (2560 x 1920) total pixel count
  • 5 MP (2560 x 1920) effective pixel count
  • 3 MP (2048 x 1536) total pixel count
  • 1 MP (1280 x 960) total pixel count
  • VGA (640 x 480) total pixel count

Video clips:
  • 320 x 240 total pixel count at 24 frames per second
Sensor Diagonal 7.2 mm (1/2.5-inch, 4:3 format) CCD
Color depth 36 bit (12 bits x 3 colors)
Lens Focal length:
  • Wide - 6.11 mm
  • 35 mm equivalent, approximately 36.7 mm

F-Number: f/2.8 to f/6.5
Lens threads None
Zoom 4x digital zoom
Focus TTL auto focus. Focus ranges:
  • Normal (default): 508 mm (20 inches) to infinity
  • Macro: 200 to 508 mm (8 to 20 inches)
Shutter speed 1/1800 to 15 seconds
Tripod mount Yes
Built-in flash Yes, 6-second typical recharge time
Flash working distance Maximum with ISO Speed set to Auto: 5 meters (16.5 feet)
External flash No
Flash setting Flash Off, Auto Flash (default), Red-Eye, Flash On, Night
Image display 1.5-inch color active matrix TFT LTPS with back light, 61,600 pixels (280 x 220 pixels)
Image capture options
  • Still (default)
  • Self-Timer: still picture or video clip taken after 10-second delay
  • Video: 24 frames per second (includes audio), until the camera runs out of memory
  • 16 MB internal flash memory
  • Slot for memory card
  • This camera supports both standard and high speed Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) memory cards 16 MB and larger. Only MMC cards that have been verified compliant to the MultiMediaCard specification are supported. Compliant MMC memory cards have the MultiMediaCard logo on the card or package.
  • SD cards are recommended because they are faster than MMC cards at reading and writing data.
  • This camera supports memory cards up to 1 GB. A high capacity card does not affect camera performance, but a large number of files (over 300) does affect the time it takes for the camera to turn on.
  • The number of images that can be saved in memory depends on the Image Quality settings.
Audio capture
  • Still pictures: audio clip length is 30 seconds or until the camera runs out of memory, whichever comes first
  • Video clips: audio is recorded automatically
Shooting modes Auto (default), Macro, Action, Landscape, Portrait, Sunset
EV Compensation settings Can be set manually from -3.0 to +3.0 EV (Exposure Value) in 1/3 EV increments
Image Quality settings
  • 5 MP Best
  • 5 MP (default)
  • 3 MP (default)
  • 1 MP
  • VGA
Color settings Full Color (default), Black & White, Sepia
White Balance setting Auto (default), Sun, Shade, Tungsten, Fluorescent
ISO Speed settings Auto (default), 100, 200, 400
Date and Time Imprint settings Off (default), Date Only, Date & Time
Compression format
  • JPEG (EXIF) for still images
  • EXIF 2.2 for still images with embedded audio
  • MPEG 1 for video clips
  • USB mini-B connector to a computer or PictBridge-certified printer
  • Direct Printing Standard (DPS)
  • PTP transfer (15740)
  • MSDC transfer
  • JPEG
  • MPEG 1, level 1
  • DPOF 1.1
  • EXIF 2.2
  • DCF 1.0
  • DPS


  1. Dropping by to check out what is new to read over here :) Keep safe and healthy always :) xoxo

  2. I've often noticed it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have if you are a non pro. If the pictures are good so is the camera.

  3. Dropping by to catch up on my reading here and to greet yah a restful weekend ahead :) xoxo


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