Monday, August 3, 2009

Copper Bottom Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

We been using this pots and pans for 5 years now. At first we were looking to buy just plain copper pots and pans but we can't afford the prices. Just one pots is half of the price for the whole set of what we bought. Don't get me wrong we like to be healthy but we draw a line somewhere. Maybe we can own just one copper pots. However, I came across some study that what we have is still not good. And even the iron pan is not fine either because man don't get a monthly period to get rid of the iron deposit and too much of it is bad. Now I heard that clay cooking wear is way better than all the items I mentioned above.

Copper bottom stainless steel pots & pans
Before aluminum hits Philippines my parents used clay pots. Then aluminum came and they switched and still use them until now. I don't need to educate you about aluminum. I will probably get Alzheimer because of it.

Silver is good too in moderation.

Lets get back to my pots and pans. I like using it because it holds the heat once they are heated. When I cook vegetables I bring it to almost boiling then I turn the burner off and keep the lid on. They always comes out just right with a little crunch in them. Cleaning it after cooking something greasy is tough. Sometimes I had to boil water on it to get rid of it. Sometimes just soaking in soapy warm water will do it and steel wool helps too. However, it came with caution not to use steel wool. It says that it will scratch the surface when using it, but I still do because I want a clean pots and pans.

The set that we bought did not come with 12 inch pan. I had to buy it separate from Emeril L. collection. He was the only one who has the biggest pan five year ago. I am very happy with the set and for $200.00 I think it's it.

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