Monday, August 31, 2009

Lunette Menstrual Cup Update

I have checked my traffic on this blog over the weekend and found out that the most search post is about the menstrual cup. So, I am updating my post about it and to tell you about my three months experience using it.

I am updating my very first review written in May, The Lunette Cup. I have been using it since then and I don't have real complain. It's been three months and I can say that I'm getting use to it and getting better at it.

The only complain I have is sometimes I can't put it right because I was in the hurry. It works for me when I have to relax first before inserting it. And it never fails when I'm in the hurry it never stay in place. At one point I was so happy because I could not feel it. However, as soon as I stand up from sitting it happened. I went to the bathroom to check and sure enough it was put wrong. It did not opened after I let it go.

So, make sure you can hear some kind of pop after inserting it and push it backwards while pushing up. So far that works for me and I can never feel it surfacing when I'm walking or sitting down. I know it so easy to say to re-doing the whole process again but not all of us stays home all day like myself.

The only suggestion I can give you is relax and if you can feel the cup, you did not insert it the correct way. And make sure you take your time, doing it fast and hurrying will end you up frustrated.


  1. What exactly is this cup's purpose. I see what it's called but....

  2. Like I said it is a menstrual cup. Instead of using a tampon or a pad you use the cup that you can empty every 12 hours or less. No worry about the shock syndrome with the tampon or the feeling of wetness with the pad.


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