Monday, August 10, 2009

Dazey 3 in 1 Waffle Maker Grill

I got this as a gift when I arrived for the first time in the US. I used it a lot to make a dough with sausage inside. Just like pigs in a blanket but never used it to make waffle then. My kids started to like waffles that are store bought at the present and I decided to make it at home. And I started using this waffle maker. I even posted the an images in my cooking blog and some commented under anonymous name that they look horrible and it was the worst waffle he/she ever lay her/his eyes on.

Vintage Waffle MakerWell needless to say that, it it the only one I have for almost 18 years (vintage) and I am looking to buy a new nice one just like a belgian waffle maker. Anyway, the first few times I made waffles it was easy to removed. The longer I use it, it was getting harder and harder to removed the waflles even when I put oil or butter in them. And you can see what happens to the waffles I made today. It looks very cheap (but since this one was given to me I can't really complain much) and it works really chep too.

I saw one they are selling on Ebay for $10.00. Mine will go straight to the garbage today. I am feed up with this cheap item and even made me feel bad because someone left me a message saying the worst thing possible. I better head to K-mart and get me one of the belgian waffle maker.


  1. Hubby's got one of those but we haven't used them in a while. Good thing we're not in a waffle mode right now! Best of luck on your new one. You will post pictures of it, are you?

  2. Yes, definitely. Thanks for stopping.

  3. We have one that makes one giant waffle. It is delicious. Yours of course was also a gift. So it is probably just time to replace it.

  4. Yes grampy, definitely. I told DH that evening when he got home from work that I throw it away and he sounded disappointed. However, he understood after I explain it to him. Yes, I post a picture of my new one soon.

  5. have the same one, and have had it for over 20 years. not only have we NOT had the problems you have. It STILL works like a charm. ALWAYS comes out perfect. I do not know what was wrong with yours, but, just because yours didn't work doesn't mean others wont either.


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