Tuesday, December 29, 2009

EyeClops Night Vision

We bought two of this for the two older boys. My FIL actually wanted to buy another two for our youngest and only DD, but we opt not to. They just need to learn how to share their toys. It works the way they say it works. The only thing we don't like as parents about it is, the rubber attachment comes off very easy, it's very light that when someone dropped it, we think it will burst into so many pieces. It takes small batteries meaning we need to change it often, we wish they could have put a 9 volt or D batteries instead. And lastly, the fact that we can never anything that is made in our own country anymore.

EyeClops Night Vision
It's a toy, kids love playing with it when they turn off all the light in the house and walking in the dark with it. We wish to be made so far away that they would even make it hard to brake and last longer. I guess everything now is very easy to brake to collect more money from consumers. Yes, we should not buy anything we don't want, but for the price of $50, our kids smile are priceless and we already got what it's worth from their smiles.

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