Saturday, February 6, 2010

OxiClean Stain Remover

Did anyone of you tried this stain remover instead of your regular bleach? I grew up with bleach and when adults don't tell you things about them you just keep on using it. My husband is a great help when it comes to natural things. I know this thing is not natural but OxiClean don't have a strong smell like bleach. It does not ruin your clothes like bleach. Bleach eats up your clothes and ruins them.

I also use this to clean my carpet when my children spilled juices and milk. I dissolved some in water and leave it where the stain is for a few minutes, then I rub it off with a rag. With the hard stuff (stuff that dried off) I use a brush.

OxiClean Stain RemoverI only started using this when I met my husband. Like I said he knows, which is bad and good for our health, and I trust his intuition about anything. Anyway, you can visit their site, and you can enter to win a $2,500 in prizes. There you go, you can win a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer and Dryer plus One Year Supply of Laundry Products and Gerber Apparel. I can really use a new washer and dryer right now. Come and join me try winning this stuff. However, if you don't need it don't enter. That give us (people who needs it) more chance of I think it's fair, don't you think so? You can only enter once, you don't have to keep coming back everyday to enter like the other giveaway out there.

OxiClean Giveaway brought to you by Gerber


  1. I doubt it sundcarrie, I am not very lucky when it comes to big


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