Saturday, February 13, 2010

WALL*E Movie Review

Have I mentioned that we don't have cable anymore, well actually we have a very basic cable TV, and I don't consider that having any at all? No one in my household watch it, except for a very rare occasion. My 3rd grader needed a story to incorporate a story in his LIT 3 lessons, and we needed to borrow the book in the library. While we are there (me and my four young ones), I told them that can borrow one DVD each. I got the Lilo movie for my youngest but turns out that someone put the wrong movie back in the case. My Kindergarten got the Ninja Turtles. My 1st grader got the Haunted Mansion and my 3rd grader got Wall*E. So, we ended up with only 3 movies for the weekend because I don't feel like dragging all four of them to where the movies were.

WALL*EDD likes to set at the very back of my mini van. On our way home, she put in her movie, and they watched part of it and finish when we got inside the house. My 3rd grader was next to play his movie, I don't know exactly who decided about it, but all of them was fine with it. DH friends told him when the movie first came out that he didn't like it because there was not much talking. I was surprised too when I saw that it was made by Disney, and there was a hidden message in it.

I know plenty of people will never pay attention to it, but when you know what I know about a certain government, you will find movies with hidden messages. Anyway, this movie got me crying at the end when WALL*E got a new processor/motherboard, I don't really know what it is. And somehow he does not recognize the other robot.

The part I liked about the whole movie is when the Captain finally stood his ground. That no robot can tell him what to do, I wish people in this planet would stop following the made up laws, statues, etc. and simply follow the common law and the golden rule, instead of following the man made laws. One man in particular mention that in the year 2016, there will be a vast awakening and no one will follow the so called laws of this government. I hope and I pray that he is right.


  1. My son really love this movie. He even keeps on saying the girl's robot name: "E--ve"

  2. Wow.. I love this movie.. It's really touching.. wall-e is an educational movie..

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  3. I love this movie! My son and I watch it over and other many times already!


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