Saturday, March 13, 2010

Supermarket, Gas & Airline Mileage Points

Weis MarketDid you know that if you have a shopper card in certain grocery stores, you will earn points for gas or airline tickets? I have three grocery stores that I visit often and all of them offers this point system. DH loves the Weis the most because when we accumulate points we can get like $.50 off gas in their gas station. Giant has been doing this for as long as I can remember. However, early on they don't have any gas station where I live. And now, they just open another store that has one. So, my points will never go to waste anymore. Even $.10 will help the never ending hike of gas prices nowadays.

Giant Food StoreI know the next grocery store that I will mention is only available in the north east, and this is ShopRite. When we went to visit my home country in 2001, we got our plane tickets cost for free. My PIL has plenty of mileage points from his travel when he was still working. And when we got back ShopRite offered mileage points for Continental airlines, which, by the way, the airline we used to go home. We open an account with Continental and found in their website that ShopRite is one of their sponsors. We have not flown since 2001, and we have enough points to fly in continental USA. However, we rather cash it in and use the cash for something valuable.

ShopRiteThere are 7 of us, and when we traveled last we were only 4 of us. So, the other 3 don't have any points to redeem for tickets. Whatever points we have is enough for all 7 of us to fly. Please check your local grocery stores about what I mentioned. The economy is not getting better and we as the working citizen of this country have to find ways to be frugal these days.

WegmansThese are my tips for my readers this week. If you don't have time to fill up the information in the store, you can easily go online and check their website to apply for one. I wish Super-WalMart and Wegmans offer the following. I think I need to check the Continental Airlines website again just to make sure.

Happy weekend everyone. And I would like to thank my followers that keep on growing every time I check it. I love you guys, if I have not followed you yet let me know. I can't find the blog on some of you, please leave a message with you URL, for me to do so.

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