Saturday, March 6, 2010

Water Distiller

This is another great buy for my family. You can't believe how much junk we got rid off from our well water. I will be more scared if we have city water. I can't imagine the chemicals they put in it. The only bad thing is this thing run with electricity, meaning if the electric is off, we can't have clean water.

I can also tell the difference when drinking it. I always feel full, and I think this is good for those who are trying to loss weight. Just make sure you do not store the distilled water in the plastic container. Plastic has more chemicals in them, you can buy the drink chiller in Walmart for less than $3. My youngest son already broke one. I bought 2 the first time I went there, and I just went back and got 2 more just in case someone drops one again.

Water Distiller
The distiller is very easy to clean. Just add some vinegar and fill it up with water and let it boil until the bottom is gunkless, it usually takes about 25 minutes. Ours can make 5 gallons a day. However, we only make 3 gallons a day because we don't have a lot of containers to store it. Plus, we use less than 3 gallons a day.

As you all know, distilled water has nothing, just plain water. So, if you store it in plastic, you are only sucking the chemicals in plastic and added to your everyday consumption of water. Water that is bought in store is filled with chemicals. I can't tell you what kind, but I can tell you that they are bad for your health.

Now, I need to learn how to make our own juice that is not pasteurized, like the one we buy in store. If I can only get my kids to drink distilled water and raw milk. They do drink some but not all the time.

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  1. Great idea. I will look into getting one of these. We will be drinking the full 5 gallons a day though. ;o)


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