Friday, June 26, 2009

2005 Ford Ranger

We bought this truck in replacement of Nissan Sentra that hubby drives. We can't really buy anything big and take it home with us, it needed to be deliver with extra cost most of the time. We have van but it is pain removing and putting the seats back when ever we need to use it for something big. And sometimes it does not fit inside and most of the time I am using it and hubby is not able to use it.

When DH got it after a few months he noticed that is something is wrong when accelerating. He brought it in three times for a service and the third time I think they finally found what was wrong with it. It was a pain because he needs to leave it in the shop to work on and I had to drive and pick him up from work most of the time. Sometimes he was able to drive my van to work when I don't need it that day. I think this truck was working fine for two years now.

This is only 4 cylinder because we can't afford to put fuel with the big engine evey few days. Mind you the bigger engine is also affordable. The one we have has a regular cab and 7 feet long cargo box which gives DH more room to haul stuff. Yes, the price is little more than the one with regular cargo box and we only have one month of payment left. That is the best thing, less bill to pay after this is paid off.

Having a truck is very useful to pick up stuff like the kids cubicles, desk and most of the big appliances and furnitures we ahve around the house. He even lend it to anyone we know to move big things and to his friends who refuses to buy a truck and rather own a sports car. Can you fit a matress inside one of those? I use to own one too before I met DH.

I drove a Chevy Cavalier, Dodge Shadow (rental), Ford Ranger V6 engine, Pontiac Gran Prix (rental), Geo metro (rental), Plymouth Neon, Kia Spectra, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Altima (rental) and now my Kia Sedona. This lists is only the vehicles that I drove for more than a day and a week tops. The day rental and borrows are not included.

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  1. Hi!
    This is a good truck. Drove them before. See you around.


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