Monday, June 22, 2009

Maytag Quiet 400 Series

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Jetclean II Two-Rack Dishwashers - Tallest tall tub with largest usable capacity - space for 14 place settings. ToughScrub Plus option - powers off dried-on, baked-on foods by adding heat and wash time to the cycle. Semi-integrated control panel - integrates the control panel on the top of the door, for a clean look. Microprocessor controls with 12 touch pads - add style and convenience. QuietSeries 400 sound package - our quietest dishwasher ever (56 db Sound Power; 47 db Sound Pressure).

What I like this dishwasher because of the three water spray arms. The utility basket is taller, when you put forks and spoons they don't tend to lay on each other. The removable top rack and you can position it higher if you got taller dishes at the bottom. With one touch on botton, last cycle recall and it cleans our dishes, glasses and silver wears without rinsing them first. And yes it came with on board garbage disposal. Of course you can not big pieces of food there it will not work.

Ok, here is the con: Most of the controls are on the top of the door. it only last for three years. It started not opening, not closing and the one start button stop working. DH thought it was the locking device not locking and end up breaking half of it. Sometimes it still work, but the time breaker for us when it did not stop washing. DH had to pull it out and disconnect it from the electric line.

I was very happy with it until that point. Our $700 worth of dishwasher went into the drain too fast. Why they can't make better appliances? I'll tell you why, because they don't earn money from it. I would think paying that much for a dishwasher should at least give us 10 year for it, but I was so wrong. They just wanted your money, they don't deliver quality anymore these days. Unless you build it yourself.

We have GE right now. I will give you my review on that one too.

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