Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Genius Headphones

The HS-02B is a new model in the Genius headset family for music and on-line talking. It features headphones and a microphone with on-line volume control. No matter if you use Skype or MSN Chat, net-phone, etc., this headset provides crystal clear quality and will not let you miss any sound. Its on-line volume control is also attached for easier volume adjustment.Listen to your favorite music or talk over the Internet with a friend. Bring fashion to your life with this classic stereo headset.

We got this headphones for my two home school kids. They are free and came with the computers. Don't get me wrong it does it's job but, when children using something so delicate they tend to break faster. I don't recommend this product for children. If you need something for them to use invest on something more expensive and better quality. The one that is can not easily brake when they walk away from their computer and forgot to take the headphones off. This headphone is very affordable and you get what you pay for.

I said it was free but we need to return it when the children leave the school. Now I need to buy two of the same thing and keep it in a safe place, then I need to find two better quality to last longer than 8 months. I would like the ones that will last for years.

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