Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canon PIXMA MP600

I won this from Microsoft in 2007, along with other things. And yes I have been using this since then. This is great for printing pictures and make sure you buy the nice ink and paper that goes along with printing pictures. I think it is cheaper if you go to your local Walmart to print it instead. The color ink is not cheap and the quality photo ink is expensive.

Anyway, I love this printer. I can plug my camera and memory card into it with out worrying about the drivers for it. We have cameras that take two different size memory card and I am able to stick both of them in there. There are two paper feeder, from the back or the bottom. I can make a copy of anything and print it directly with out scanning it first. I can scan colored or black and white. So far I don't have any problem with this product or maybe I have not use all the features yet. Over all I am very happy with it.

For more features and specifications google the name or go to Canon website.

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